I am Pippa (2017)

A short fiction film by Yasmin Joerg, 28 Min. | Drama

I am Pippa (2017)
A Tilt Production in co-production with the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZhdK) and the Schweizer Fernsehen SRF

Synopsis (English)

Former telenovela star Pippa is in her forties and struggling to reestablish herself as an actress. Chasing after her dreams, she hurries from one audition to another, constantly being confronted with the role of the mother. After an unexpected meeting with her estranged daughter Luna, the role Pippa has been denying suddenly becomes her reality.



PIPPA Linda Cerabolini
LUNA Sylvie Marinkovic

Michael Neuenschwander
Matthias Hungerbühler
Marco Zbinden
Oliver Stein
Lisa Maria Bärenbold

Marie-Anne Hafner
Dorothée Reize
Elsa Langnäse
Jürg Plüss
Antonin Wittwer
Livia Rita
Maria Fitzi
Davide Romeo
Zoë Holthuizen
Manuel Zuber


Writer & Director
Yasmin Joerg
Director of photography
Lukas Graf
Production manager
Pia Meier
Norbert Kottmann
Set Design
Sina Knecht
Stephanie Rossi
Dimitri Käch
Theme song
Jan Willem de With
Sabine Girsberger, Kaspar Winkler
Filippo Bonacci
Editorial board SRF
Tamara Mattle, Gabriela Bloch
Production management SRF
Esther Rutschmann
Head of Fiction Department SRF
Urs Fitze

Supported by

Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK), Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Sozialdepartement Zürich, Gemeinde Meilen 


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